Activate:Chi believes that everyone can and should be an activist for the causes they are most passionate about.

Our initiatives

We try to encourage individuals to start taking meaningful action from wherever they're at.

Protest March – April 24, 2021

March Against Police Brutality ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. With the police violence that has been occurring across the county, and specifically the murder of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo...
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About Activate:Chi

The primary objective of Activate:Chi is to empower individuals to become more involved with their community. We strive to provide opportunity and resources for that involvement and to encourage grassroots organizing at the local level.

Our mission
Activate the people to pursue and advocate for the causes they are most passionate about.
Our vision
A people that have the resources and opportunity to be thoughtful and educated advocates for a more just, equitable, and accountable world.

Our Story

Activate:Chi is a collective of multicultural and multigenerational community organizers initially brought together by our hunger for justice in the wake of the brutal police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and more.

The organizers of Activate met through social media outlets, at first just hoping to host one successful action, but after our success we decided to use our complementary skills and backgrounds to strive for greater change in the systems that continually marginalize many communities in Chicago and beyond. As a whole we believe in empowering others to make change within their own communities, preferring to provide the initiating energy, organization, and resources for grassroots organizers (or soon to be grassroots organizers) to be the change they wish to see in this world.

– The Organizers of Activate:Chi

Our organizers

  • Casandra is a Guatemalan activist who pursues justice in all forms. She believes that human rights are given through all aspects of society, and fights for that change. Casandra is a senior at Bryn Mawr College where she focuses her work on indigenous environmental justice in Guatemala.
  • Dom is a proud LGBTQ identifying black Chicago activist who seeks social justice and equality for all BIPOC. He's also a well known member of the community in Chicago where he's resided for over 15 years.
  • Getty is a Congolese - American woman, a feminist, and a proud immigrant. Getty believes all humans have the right to life, education, freedom from persecution, and equitable opportunity. Professionally, Getty is the founder of a startup, SolAfrica, and consults for various actors in the renewable energy sector in Africa.
  • Sanjee is a Bengali-American activist who has a passion for educational policy reform. He believes the long-term key to fighting racism and inequality is a fair and just education for all people. Professionally, Sanjee is a higher education consultant where he works with universities on strategy and technology implementations. He studied engineering and philosophy at the University of Michigan and graduated in 2019.
  • Stephen started working with Activate:Chi in fall 2020 as a design volunteer. He has found it gratifying to contribute his professional skills towards addressing cultural community issues. He believes that people should align their actions with their ethical beliefs, and hopes that Activate:Chi can help people accomplish that.
  • Vanessa is a Colombian American who believes in equality and equity for all. She hopes to contribute in the fight against systemic racism across our communities by taking action and sharing information.

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