April 24, 2021

Policy Demands from the March Against Police Brutality

End Qualified Immunity by passing the Bad Apples in Law Enforcement Accountability Act.

Qualified immunity shields police from lawsuits by providing special protection from civil rights lawsuits and makes it very difficult to hold abusive officers accountable. The Bad Apples in Law Enforcement Accountability Act of 2021, if passed, helps remove barriers allowing the police to be held accountable when the police violate someone's constitutional rights.

Pass Empower Communities for Public Safety (ECPS) Ordinance.

The Civilian Police Accountability Council and Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability created an ordinance to address and reform police in Chicago. This includes a Community Commission on Public Safety, District Councils, and more opportunity for democratic reform.

Pass the Anjanette Young Ordinance to end No Knock Raids.

Wrongful raids rattle our citizens and leave in their wake an immense amount of trauma. This ordinance bans no knock raids, requires that officers wait at least 30 seconds during raids to give residents a chance to respond, and does more to ensure CPD officers executing home raids act in a manner that is least intrusive and least harmful to our community.

Remove All Officers From Chicago Public Schools And End Their Contract.

Research shows police in schools criminalize Black and Brown students and exacerbate the school-to-prison pipeline. Chicago does not need police in schools, but to instead invest in restorative justice support, trauma services, and hundreds of desperately needed nurses, counselors and social workers.

Demand the city have public discourse to reassess and redistribute CPD funding.

It’s an outrage that though crime has steadily decreased the police budget continues to increase, all the while many vulnerable communities still struggle to meet basic needs. It’s time to redistribute CPD’s budget toward areas like resources like community services, education, city development, and others to provide needed resources for vulnerable populations.

Publicize the FOP Contract Draft Before Voting and Hold a Public Meeting to Discuss It.

The ongoing negotiations between the city and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) are private. We demand that there is more transparency during the negotiation process, that the drafted contract is made publicly available, and a public meeting is held with public comments. Police are paid with our tax dollars and the public deserves more input in the process.

The immediate resignation of FOP union president John Catanzara.

FOP President John Catanzara is a white supremist that consistently makes disparaging comments about minorities and has a clear disregard for human life, especially those of color. He should be removed from his position by the most expedited process possible.