January 21, 2021

Connecting the Dots: An Introduction

by Sanjee Choudhuri

Activate:Chi was started based on the belief that everyone can and should become an activist for the causes they care most about. In that same spirit we’ve decided to start our new column “Connecting the Dots,” dedicated to helping explore different social causes here in Chicago and highlight how a small effort from an individual can have cascading positive effects through a community.

After talking to people throughout Chicago and the Chicagoland we’ve found three common barriers that impede people from getting involved with their community: trouble finding a cause, difficulty in finding suitable volunteer roles, and doubt on the efficacy of volunteering.

We intend to use this column to help address these issues on a monthly basis. In each piece we will first take a look at and explore an issue in the Chicago area using interviews with experts and leaders. Next, we’ll discuss all the ways people are helping solve this issue from the very top strategic level, to the groundwork that makes that change realized. Finally, we’ll provide clear roles and opportunities that you can get involved in if it’s something that you find you’re passionate about! In between these main pieces, we’ll be posting thought-pieces from Activate:Chi members and the greater Activate Community.

Our goal at Activate is to connect individuals like you with the resources and opportunities necessary to be educated and purposeful advocates. We hope that Connecting the Dots will help spark some passion within you to become involved in bettering your community, yourself, and ultimately the world we all share.

The first topic for Connecting the Dots will be Food Insecurity in Chicago! If you have ideas for a future topic or thought-piece please contact Sanjee Choudhuri at sanjeechoudhuri@activate-chi.org.