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    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. With the police violence that has been occurring across the county, and specifically the murder of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo most recently, it is time for us to again push for major reforms to the CPD. Last year there were incredible demonstrations across the country and we cannot let the momentum fade. Join us in making our collective voice heard across the city and nation that we will not stand idly by while vulnerable communities are terrorized and brutalized by racist and militarized police.

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    We're keeping track of the federal government's progress acting upon the Biden campaign's first 100 days promises! Follow along and see how you can help hold them accountable.

    “Who’s Next?” was Activate:Chi’s initiative to increase voter turnout in Chicago during the 2020 election. We organized 50 volunteers over three weeks and helped 300+ people with their voter registration. We created a website that informed 5,000 visitors of key policy issues on the Biden/Harris agenda and encouraged viewers to share their reasons for voting online. Other actions included murals, a commissioned song, and swag giveaways.

    Activate:Chi immediately organized a carpool to Justice For Jacob March in Kenosha from Chicago on Saturday, August 29th. We provided a 58 seated chartered bus that took protestors, volunteers, and donations from Chicago to Kenosha, Wisconsin.

    Activate:Chi organized the Chicago March of Justice in reaction to the murder of George Floyd, seeking to highlight the indelible and unequal brutality towards Black Americans by the police and calling for immediate change in the city of Chicago. An estimated 30,000+ people attended the march, and it marked the beginning of Activate.